Morning Coffee Talk


If you are like me you are rushing around the house getting the kids ready for school and downing your lukewarm coffee like it’s water. I have grown so accustomed to drinking coffee warm or cold that I can’t even drink it hot anymore.

Well I digress, this post is not about coffee. I want to talk about morning routines.

I feel like your morning routine sets up your mood for the whole day, or it can if you let it. I make sure every morning no matter how hectic it is, to take some time for me. Some quiet time to get ready and plan my day ahead of me. My day usually doesn’t go as planned and my to do list never gets done, but at least I try. I also came to the realization that you can’t control everything and you have to forgive yourself when things don’t go as planned.   

I look forward to my skincare routine in the morning and putting on my makeup. It sounds weird but that is something I CAN control. Something for just me. If I feel put together my day goes better. Whatever it is you do in the morning make sure you carve out sometime for yourself.  

Erica HartwickComment